What Moment on Your Travels Hit You the Hardest?

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What Moment on Your Travels Hit You the Hardest? – ‎UNILAD Adventure : What moment on your travels hit you the hardest, emotionally speaking? Here are the answers we gathered from the traveler’s discussion forum :

moment on your travels


Samantha Pinkerton say : Saying goodbye to friends you may never see again.

Jonathon Wall say : Watching a small Indian girl outside the Taj Mahal digging through piles of trash to find something to burn in order to stay warm. And when she did find a few egg crates she was ecstatic. Absolutely heartbreaking

– Rosalie Pereira say : I agree Jonathon, I saw something similar and just the pure poverty in parts of India when I was backpacking left me so emotional

Stephanie Lee say : Walking through Sachsenhausen on a quiet, dreary day.

Ayesha S. Janjua say : The night at Deosai the land of giants in Skardu Pakistan… Made me a humble girl..

Ross Crowder say : Negative emotion: walking through Auschwitz was very sobering. At one point I had to stop because I felt like I was going to pass out, which has never happened before.

Positive emotion say : driving through a forest on a windy, mountainous road in Northern California. Suddenly, I came into a clearing and saw the mighty Pacific before me. It was stormy and the waves were huge below the huge cliffs.

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Katie Cummings say : When my passport was stolen in Thailand 😂

Edna Salarda say : Falling ill in Madrid while I still have to travel to two city’s/country’s.
Having no one there to give me food or meds and then random strangers/fellow travelers bring me all i needed and showed cared I never expected. It was & an eye opener for me. So I head to Barcelona while I had a temperature. I got there and there was no taxi, they were on strike. I had to walk for 45 min to hotel with my luggage. Two men trying to grab my luggage without a word and I hold into it with all my strength. This was the time I cried and I told myself what am I doing? I should just go back home. But I didn’t. I was sick the whole time in Barcelona and wasn’t able to go anywhere.

Felicia Marie Martinez say : Being hospitalized in the Philippines for a panic attack I had the day I found out my older brother died back in the United States. I was on vacation when it happened.

Chris Chukwuka say : Seeing a nymph in a hotel room floor in Toronto Canada immediately I checked in.

Courtney Gomez say : Seeing the 9/11 memorial in New York was very sad. Especially seeing all of the names of those who died. And that each day they will put flowers on the names of those whose birthday it would have been.
Another was going to the war museum in Dubrovnik Croatia (don’t recall the exact name of the museum).

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Maria Angel Hernandez say : In a Masay tribe, watching the children

Courtney Hall say : Volunteering with a traveling health clinic to rural villages in Indonesia, I formed a particular bond with a young girl who curiously followed me everywhere I went, taught me words in bahasa and led me around her town to show me all the things she loved. When we got on our bus to leave on the last clinic day, she said in English “I love you” – words I didn’t know she knew in English- before we drove away and in that moment I felt heartbroken. Not sure how we formed such a connection but I will never forget that moment

Annabell Yap say : Finding our hotel in Cologne Germany with our luggages and turns out that our hotel room was on the 3rd floor and there is no elevator. right, Lovern Myrome😥

Matti Juoksu say : Being in Hiroshima and trying to read the memorial plaques. It is a beautiful but very heavy place to be.

Nisha Lalji say : Completing the Mirador base de Los Torres trek at the Torres del Paine National Park. The 18km hike was exhausting and I was struggling, until I saw a group of gents carrying their friend on a stretcher. I was completely taken back. I was struggling carrying myself and these wonderful people made their friends dream come true. Everyone applauded these gents when they arrived at the viewpoint and it certainly brought a tear to many people’s eyes. Some great people out there!

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Norzela Norzela say : Poverty! When I see it around me in Sri Lanka, Mexico, Vietnam, Indonesia, Morocco, I feel as though I would give everything I had to them. The shirt on my back so to speak. They are so grateful for the little that they have and my heart aches for not doing more.

Ken Ivan Embradura say : Listening to one of the survivors talk about his horrific experience during the genocide in Cambodia.

Syafrin Travapedia say : Merapi Lava Tour… saw a village kept like what it is when hot cloud (Javanese called wedhus gembel) burnt whole villages… including people and animals…

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