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Plan My Route Car In Multiple Stops – When you access your google maps on your smartphone or tablet, then you plan to route your car in multiple stops for a trip, you probably will search them separately from one destination to other in different or sudden time don’t you? But you should know that town or village or the place you refer to is not always having the internet data to access maps by the time you need it. So I plan my driving route in a different perception. I prefer to manage them for the very first time before my trip begins.


Google Maps Multiple Destinations

Google map has what we call as the great awesome feature, if you are a tour planner or an event organizer that plan to bring your tourists in your tour itinerary with a lot of destination within, you need to survey the routes that you go through on that trip right? Don’t make it become a wasting time your due too much time on the road or you get diligent verily by “visiting” the same city twice due wrong in managing your tour itinerary. It is truly a waste of time and boring.

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So, Google, as the core of this awesome app has released a few years ago, accessible from any kind of device, for better arranging your family or office trip in multiple destinations a feature that let you able to see from satellites view the entire route of your multiple destination trip.

On your Google maps, click on the bar of departure to track on the maps where you manage starting your trip. Then click on your first destination town, afterward, click on the right side of the bar to add multiple destinations, by the way, you may also rotate your destination to be your departure place.

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Back on the topic, to plan your route car multiple stops on Google map is getting more simply for any ages, they define all parts in a single button, thereafter, after you click on the plus symbol to add more destination, type back where else you wanna go, you can add for about 4 to 5 destinations and it will show you the best route and the condition of your whole route, circling or “messing”.

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Google Map Works offline

It is getting easier by the feature of downloading your route to work offline. Anyway, if you accidentally visit the town or village with a small signal, you may still catch your routes safely. Spending more memories at your phone or tablet, nonetheless, you may delete after your right?

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