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How to Plan Route by Car Europe – Everything You Need to Know Before Traveling

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How to Plan Route by Car Europe – Everything You Need to Know Before Traveling – Taking a road trip by car is one of the best ways to explore new destinations in Europe. Though it is very easy to find public transportation across the continent, driving your car will provide you with a higher level of flexibility and freedom. Here is everything you need to know before starting a plan my route driving across Europe.

#1. Get the Right Car

Since you will have an adventure by driving a car, this is very important for you to use the right vehicle. If you plan my route by car Europe by renting a vehicle, you need to know that most cars in the continent should be driven manually. You will also be required to pay additional fees if you choose to drop the vehicle off at different destination from where you pick it up.

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#2. Check the Auto and Travel Insurance

Never underestimate travel insurance. This is because you do not have an idea of what will happen during your journey. It will be better if you could be sure that you and your vehicle are protected if there is a car accident or other incidents occur. The insurance you choose should not only provide coverage for accidents but also emergency roadside assistance, theft, and more. Some European countries such as Albania and Turkey require travelers to have a Green Card. This is an International Motor Insurance Card you should always bring while traveling in the countries.

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#3. Get International Driving Permit

When you plan my route by car Europe, you need to know that some countries in the continent require travelers to hold IDP (International Driving Permit). It is an official translation made for your driving license. Though you do not need to pay a fine if you do not hold one, you will be required to show it once you get pulled out. The countries that demand travelers to have IDP are Hungary, Croatia, Spain, Slovenia, Romania, Greece, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Austria, Italy, and Poland.

#4. Check the Vignette

Before setting up a plan my route by car Europe, just keep in mind to check the vignette. This is a pass that you will need each time you drive on highways. Vignette usually comes in the form of stickers that you can buy at rest stations when you cross the borders. The countries in Europe the demand travelers to have vignette are Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, and Slovenia.

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