How to Buy Plane Ticket Online without Credit Card

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How to Buy Plane Ticket Online without Credit CardBuy plane ticket online without credit card, is it possible? Of course, it is. There are now many travel sites, apps, and airlines that provide various methods to buy tickets. Indeed, not all people may know it. Mainly if you are commonly making reservations with a credit card, doing it without the card is probably a little bit confusing. Below, there are some ways of buying the plane ticket if you don’t have the credit card on your hands. Check them out.

buy plane ticket online without credit card


Buying Tickets in the Airline Website

To buy plane tickets online, it doesn’t mean you must install a travel app. Many airlines now provide websites with a feature for buying and reservation. They even don’t require credit cards for payment. You can choose whether you want to buy it on the ATM or directly on the airport. Similar to other apps, there are even discounts and promotion given. Sure, if you are loyal customers, you can find some other privileges.

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Buying Tickets via Apps

There are so many apps for trips and traveling nowadays. Initially, the payment method is indeed limited only using credit cards. But currently, those apps and travel sites have enriched their payment methods. They enable the customers to buy plane ticket online without credit card including using ATM, bank credit, direct payment, and more. You can check first the features given on the apps. When the apps have non-credit cards payment features, you can just utilize them.

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Using Offers from the Bank

Not only the airlines and apps some banks also offer traveling programs with many payment methods. Interestingly, those programs are without using a credit card. All you need to do is installing the app of the website. Next, you can go to the features of the app. Then, you can just book the plane tickets while the bank is directly cut off your savings there. Well, it also means that you must be a customer of the bank anyway.

Tour and Travel Agencies

For the increase of people’s demands of travelling, some tour agencies compete to give special promotions. One of them is a package of accommodations with various payment methods. Even if you are deciding to directly pay what you have booked, it is possible to get discounts and special offers. Therefore, it is not only for plane tickets but also hotels and others. Sure, you need to do some surveys which one that gives them. This way, you can buy plane ticket online without credit card.

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