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List of the 9 Most Sights Hits near Malioboro Yogyakarta

List of the 9 Most Sights Hits near Malioboro Yogyakarta  - Jogja back Monument It was built as a place you can get the story of the struggle of the citizens of Yogyakarta retain their indigenous land attack invaders. It has a conical Momumen diorama with the story of heroic struggle against the invaders. Not only that, the evening became tourist magnetism because it has the garden of rainbows, i.e. hundreds of lanterns are beautiful berpendaran. You would feel being in the middle of a garden of colorful paper lanterns.

List of the 9 Most Sights Hits near Malioboro Yogyakarta

2. Museum De Eye Eye Trick

Located on the Central Square in XT Yogyakarta city, this is a museum with a collection of sculptural figures of terkanal. A fabulous museum contains three dimensional paintings that make the pictures it's like life. You would be creating photographic images selfi nan cool at this place.

There are 200 an three-dimensional photographs that you can make the object photos in this place with a photo of the small nearby so that you understand how we recommend that you take a picture. Understandably, three-dimensional image indeed requires a certain angle to look at him so created unique images as real.

3. Jogja Bay

Maguwoharjo Stadium is located near Depok Sleman,, this is the largest water amusement center in Yogyakarta. Water attractions there are in this place. This is where the family's current tour again very hits. You can satisfy yourself enjoy various water games arena that will make your vacation very memorable.

4. Prambanan Temple

The largest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia. The form of the complex architecture of the temples with towering. His popularity was already sounding across world danmenjadi one of the top tourist destinations in Yogyakarta. You can get amazing beragampengalaman by coming to this place since the Prambanan is a beautiful place of worship with various religious and noble values reflected in every corner of the building.

5. Boko Temple

Located south of Prambanan Temple, this is a complex of Boko palace ruins that can still recount the family life of the King of the Royal past. Various sites peninggal; an edifice the Palace you can see here including bathing pool that never dried out over the years. When this complex is situated on the plain of rolling hills. Boko Temple is also a wonderful place to get photos of the sunset. This place would give you lots of cool spots to adorn Your Instagram.

6. Cliff Breksi

Beraga near Boko Temple, a stone cliff carved with various ornaments are-high art taste. Although he has recently been born but has become a garden tour that never deserted visitors. The cliffs of Breksi also has amazing panorama to create selfi for all who visit there.

7.  Ijo Temple

This is the highest Temple in Yogyakarta. Taste at the top of the hill with the beautiful green lawns. Located just jaug from downtown, this place fits the family travelers who want to incur his children running around above the expansive lawns and safety. Ijo Temple also has a superb spot to photograph and include a cheap place for visiting entry ticket prices because only a few thousand dollars only.

8. Bukit Bintang

Enjoy Yogyakarta from a height can be done here. You will see a sea of light the city from here. Amazingly, there are a variety of culinary options which you can enjoy while you see sparkling cahay akota Jogja night. Although the altitude but the distance from the city centre is not too far away to this place.

9. The Affandi Museum
Be on the side of the road Solo. This is where dozens of paintings acclaimed original artist Affandi, Yogyakarta, put kusnya into beautiful paintings. He was one of the painters whose work Indonesia worth hundreds of millions. This is a museum that will give you in-depth knowledge about the art of modern Indonesia.

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