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List of 8 Most Sights Hits near Malioboro Yogyakarta

List of 8 Most Sights Hits near Malioboro Yogyakarta - Train Museum With Rp. 5000 only You would be able to enjoy the history of the train at the train Museum here. But it's not a train but rather the keshik used the Royal family for a variety of their ceremony. Included in the complex of the Palace train-this train has a long history as most manufactured and imported from the land of the Netherlands. SST, each year it trains bathed tablets and is believed to have mystical powers in it.

List of 8 Most Sights Hits near Malioboro Yogyakarta

2. Kampung Bule Sosrowijayan

Kampung Foreigners? Yes, in Yogyakarta is you can meet many of the foreigners in the village Inhabitant name. Many of the foreigners are here because this place has a lot of hotels with a friendly price for people outside of the country. Bergitu the number of the foreigners who stay at this place so that the Inhabitant was named Kampung Bule.

3. Sindu Kusuma Edupark

Not far from Malioboro area you can get Kusuma Edupark Sindu (SKE). Characterized by a large Ferris wheel and a high place is soon sucking tourists since it opened December 2014. There are various games in this place and it is also similar to the museum, you can see and get the story of the various tool children's games from the days of yore to modern days.

4. Cyber Kampung

This village you can get internet access in a convenient, inexpensive and festive. Referred to as Cyber or Cyber Village RT 36 because being on RT it. Not hard to find it because it is close to Malioboro.

Once this place is unique because you would find a lot of computers in public places such as Poskamling and you can freely operate it to contact a friend or send a special message on loved ones. In this place there are also several sections of the wall murals with a pretty cool to take pictures. As a result, many tourists here because it is uniquely the Cyber Village.

5. Gembira Loka Zoo

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Yogyakarta. Has an area of 20 Hectares with a collection of more than 100 types of fauna and flora of the type 61, Gembira Loka Zoo is never quiet. Attractions there are in this place starts from the lake where you can boating even a boat speeding up to the center of the bird.

Also, you would see some sort of animal that does not exist in Indonesia living in this place like a Penguin and many kinds of birds. Amazingly, you can take pictures with it's exotic animals. If interested great animal attractions, you can go up the elephant and round the area there.

6. Center Of Silver Handicrafts

His name is Kota Gede, a dense residential complex with a typical old buildings. The road bisecting the Township is very similar to the ghetto in Europe, small streets and clean environment with white color dominate color. This is the village over the years its citizens living as silversmiths.

Inevitably, Kotagede is the center of silver handicrafts in Yogyakarta. You can get any kind of accessories made from silver, ranging from necklaces, bracelets to a variety of beautiful home decoration. Sightseeing in this village you can see directly how the artists hands Polish the silver into a variety of jewelry pretty mesmerizing.

7. Masjid Gede Kauman

Typical old architecture, old mosque was 200 years older. Building essentially still original with a floor that is much higher than the surrounding land. This is the most legendary mosque in Jogja. It is located on the West side of the square of the North square, near the Royal Palace, Malioboro, and others make the mosque gede kauman is never quiet.

This is also a mosque which became the simbil Islamic movement in Jogja tempo doeloe. Have a unique berwudlu i.e. You will cross a small pool so that by itself would clean your feet before entering this holy place. It is the way used in the past in order to then-citizens mostly have no footwear can memasuh his feet with ease.

8. Menjangan Coops

The ancient building is building some floor box. Located in the South of the South square, this building for soldiers of the Palace became a sort of a security post at that time. The evening this place became a place of exotic photo because the lights menyorotinya. There are many stories of mythical envelop these places but definitely this building was beautifully maintained and very.

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