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List of the 6 Most Sights Hits near Malioboro Yogyakarta

List of the 6 Most Sights Hits near Malioboro Yogyakarta - the Tugu Jogja
Tourist attractions close to Malioboro, Most Hits in the first is Tugu Jogja. Who the heck knew tugu jogja engga? Initially 25 metres high. It was built by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono 1755 1, this monument was born as a symbol of the unity of the people of Yogyakarta Netherlands against colonialism. Referred to as Gilig because its Golong circular and conical peak in on. Tapered roof is a symbol of Divinity, that human life should be towards the nature of God.

List of the 6 Most Sights Hits near Malioboro Yogyakarta

On 10 June 1867 this building collapsed due to the earthquake which rocked Mataram. The year 1889 monument was remodeled and the Netherlands suffered various changes in form. But the sheer height of the monument was 25 meters to 15 meters after that. Did you know, also one of the only buildings in the mythology. The monument is the point that fit with the tip of Merapi seen from Kraton Yogyakarta. Sultan Palace, Tugu and Merapi is the mystical three-point it.

Now not just be a place that has a mystical powers but has become a tourist attraction. Afternoon and evening, this place many tourists from all over to take pictures or enjoy the ambiance of Jogja that emanated from this place. Stylish lamps and Tata's hustle that circle the monument would be a remarkable photo backdrop. Uniquely, despite being in the middle of an intersection bustling nan but you still would be able to take pictures of ria or selfi points here. You can even walk from Malioboro Street towards the monument while enjoying a romantic afternoon.

2. Train station

Located close to Malioboro, the big station typically this is where Your exploration would begin. The architecture of a typical station essentially colonial era but is already undergoing renovation was so hectic this place. Understandably, this is a great place to stop most station in Yogyakarta Lempuyangan Station addition.

There are many hotels and inns near Tugu railway station because this place is indeed in the middle of the city that make it easy for you to reach out to the maanapun area. Malioboro only took a 5-minute walk from the station.

3. Jalan Malioboro

Who is not familiar with this place. This is a living legend who increasingly bolder strong pamornya. Malioboro is the road of life 24 hours per day. Morning to evening fashion became the center of the most complete, up-to-date fashion store there is a row along this road. It goes without am, you can find the lowest prices to highs here.

Along Malioboro Street also hundreds of gift trinkets kiosks scattered throughout the Jogja emperan store. But most impressive is you can be freely, comfortably and happily sit in front of the complex of shops along this road because sudha available hundreds of seats clean and lovely garden to sit.

There are the attractions of art along this road, from the action of buskers playing assorted instruments musikl, very attractive. There are also a lot of installation art adorning it. This is the road of selfi most remarkable in Yogyakarta. You even have to queue up at some spot selfi here, for example under the sign of JL. Malioboro, because many people are interested in berswafoto there.

4. The zero Kilometre Point

Most sights Hits near Malioboro create young hang out is the point of zero KM of Yogyakarta. This is a haven of hang out in Yogyakarta. His name is Zero kilometers, located to the South of Malioboro. This is a big crossroad with spacious yard for hikers and travelers who wish to enjoy the atmosphere of Jogja. There are hundreds of seats in these areas, are in the middle range of unique buildings which would make Your photo into full Instagram cool from there. Amazingly, you can enjoy the tongkrongan super cool and comfortable this 24 hours though.

5. Fort Vredeburg
Located near the point of Zero kilometers, relic Vredeburg fortress building colonial Netherlands. Great Wall, thick and high into the building's marker. There's a big gate with ample parking in front of the fortress. There are a variety of interesting objects in it i.e. museum which houses a variety of historical items.  You can come anytime because this place is open every day.

Amazingly, in the courtyard of the fortress, there is a parking area next to the Court with monuments and commonly used stage artists of Yogyakarta show off her artwork on the stage. This is where many of the artistic community express their creativity to audiences who were travelling to Yogyakarta.

6. the Yogyakarta Palace
You certainly know this place. Can be reached in a matter of minutes from Malioboro Street this is the cultural centre of Yogyakarta. Let alone if it wasn't a Grand Palace and the renowned it. Diverse knowledge of the history of Yogyakarta could You pick from this place while seeing a variety of cultural attractions like whatever the heck the uniforms the soldiers complete with kepangkatannya, different types of dances that are still alive today and tentusaja Pendopo of the Palace a place of important ceremonies were held. The atmosphere of the past once condensed in this place and you would certainly feel like was brought in to the past. Exotic Sights and is really Most Hits in Near Malioboro that is very easy to jump to from a variety of directions.

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