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7 Attractions Most Hits in Near Malioboro

1. Taman Sari

Located in the complex of Yogyakarta Palace, Tamansari water Castle is a garden containing a pool of beautiful and distinctive past. This is the place to enjoy wonderful moments with concubines interrupted lead the Kingdom. This bathing pool used the wives and families of the core of the Palace enjoy the banter-sendau bercipratan water.

7 Attractions Most Hits in Near Malioboro

The wife of the King also performed various rituals to keep beauty here. You can see a special room where the wife using a traditional herb-herb for the sake of taking care of their bodies so that the skin is always glowing and fragrant in this place. Obviously the photo you have to do in the past, because this would place very beautiful behind the lens of your camera.

2. Alun-alun Kidul

Afternoon and evening is the best time on the square South of Yogyakarta. This place became one of the obligatory tourist who come to Jogja. The ancient buildings of the Palace of Yogyakarta and the wall round the mighty nan, you should try out the ritual of Masangin aka entrance between two trees. While closing the eyes with a piece of cloth You should walk selurus-lurusnya entering the space between the two Banyan trees in the middle of the square. If it works then you are the person who would get a lot of blessings in life. If it doesn't work? We suggest that you try and try again.

After work on the ritual of It, you can round the square Square with bicycle ornament that goes with digowes. Assorted colors of light of headlights make this square a pedicab South square become so festive evenings. It goes without am, this square Square sekliling closely parallels the basket of typical foods and drinks.

3. North square

The square of the North square is in front of the Royal Palace rituals for better or more events greater than the square of South square. Regular festivals held here and unique exhibitions are also occasions in this place. Never am, schedule of events at the North square of very dense so that almost every weekend there will always be an event scene in the central city of Yogyakarta, airy soil.

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But even though there are no events on the square of any place is always crowded people. The ranks of places to eat and fun to sit in the sekliling square in Square loop around such people through a difficult atmosphere is found in any place.

4. Beringharjo Market

Pingin get different accessories of Jogja with prices beginning to aneka batik pattern with a variety of other fashion style, this is the place, Beringharjo. In contrast to the markets elsewhere, Beringharjo is also the center of fashion in Yogyakarta. In this market you can get a variety of fashion products present at a very friendly than fashion shop elsewhere.

Excitedly, Beringharjo is also the culinary center of Jogja. You can get a variety of artificial food flavour of the hands of the mother of Jogja with a typical cita-rasa i.e. sweet. No need to get dizzy looking for this place besides the big and broad, Beringharjo is also located in the South of Malioboro, you can smugly shopping after visiting Kraton Yogyakarta.

5. Center gift shop

The Court of the Maliboro line to the front of the Beringharjo market is a culinary center in Yogyakarta. Various kinds of foods exists along this point starting from Penia to nasi pecel. Unikya, you just need to sit while enjoying such travelers are enjoying the beauty to Malioboro in this place. Because, basket-basket of food using only the hood just in selling.

You also amendatangi bus hundreds of kiosk/gift shop around this place within walking distance. Most of the gift by just impressing with a low price just so you won't deplete Your purse contents.

6. Malioboro Mall

Who said Yogyakarta just had a wonderful smell of a traditional course. Malioboro Mall is the center of fashion and modern products. You would soon get the place is by foot only. Inside you can get a variety of fashion began to dress itme shoes, started the cake to coffee, started foreign food to Sumatra coffee.

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Uniquely, although the shape of the Mall, but the prices of various goods in this place not be as you imagine. You still can get jerseys obolong prices below Rp 50 thousand in the Mall.

7. Garden Smart

It is about 200 metres from Beringharjo and 300 metres from point Zero is smart. This educational tour rides never deserted from the visit. Generally the students and families who have toddlers. Because, most of the rides this place indeed is designed as an instrument of education.

But don't get me wrong, this is also the centerpiece of the book. Yes, if you are interested in fulfilling your personal library shelves, this is the place to get a variety of books at bargain prices. This is the center of civilization by the students and students of Yogyakarta to get their books.

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