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6 Family Attractions in Bandung

Who said school children don't need a vacation? Hours of learning in schools often makes kids so bored learning. Never learn, enter the school just as difficult for mercy because it was already bored and saturated. To restore the spirit of the child, it doesn't hurt to take the kids to a family tourist attractions vacation in Bandung this choice.

6 Family Attractions in Bandung

For those of you that are in the area of Bandung and its surroundings, there are 6 family attractions in Bandung that passed during the holidays arrive. More information will be presented below.

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1. Farmhouse Milk Lembang

No need to spend your budget on expensive to enjoy the atmosphere of a holiday in Europe. One of the attractions of family in Bandung already provides a similar holiday atmosphere i.e. Farmhouse Milk. One of the unique things of this place is the kids can wear clothes ala-ala farm western in the 90 's.

Not only that, the kids can also try different variants of milk sold in the farmhouse. The quality of the milk being sold does not need to be asked again yes. Because milk is sold here is squeezed directly from domesticated cows. So, it's great to be consumed by children.

2. Ciwidey Valley Hot Spring Water Resort

Swim or just main water in broad daylight? You can invite children to visit Ciwidey Valley Hot Spring Water Resort. This place is a favorite waterpark people living in Bandung. The concept of these sights are very nice, very suitable for children.

After playing the water, you can invite the child to relax while enjoying the food dishes and SIP refreshing beverages in the cottage are available. You can rent a cottage that is here for a few hours at an affordable price.

3. The Lodge Maribaya

Swinging at a height while yell-yell? The Lodge Maribaya place! Here, you can play as much with the family of the beloved. In addition to swinging at an elevation of adrenaline, you and your kids can also enjoy the beauty of the green trees that are on the perimeter.

For those of you who parno against altitude, we recommend that you do not need to be swinging at The Lodge Maribaya Yes! Than you yell-yell at the top of the swing, the better so the audience away from the corner of his lodge.

4. Nature's Window, family attractions in Bandung

Interact with animals could be the best option to spend the holiday together with your beloved family. Yes, you can take your kids to get closer with various types of animals only in the Nature of an existing Window in Lembang, Bandung.

In addition to feeding the beast, you and your family can also opt in to harvest the crop in this location. Interested to try this keseruan? Come to the window Natural Yes!

5. Kampung Gajah Wonderland

In addition the Valey Ciwidey Water Sport, you also can invite families to Kampung Gajah Wonderland. Family attractions in Bandung, this one has an area of 60 hectares, very wide, isn't it? You can surround the spacious area with a Segway. Here, you and your family can also enjoy over 20 kinds of rides which are quite challenging.

If you have free time on weekends, you can pay a visit to this place. Remove all the tiredness you feel and have some fun before you was back with the denseness of the daily routine.

6. Trans Studio Bandung

TRANS Studio Bandung is the family attractions in Bandung the most dear if it is passed. This place has been crowned to become the largest indoor rides that existed in Indonesia, even become one of the largest in the world. There are some exciting games that fit for children, such as the Kabayan goes to Hollywood.

TRANS Studio Bandung has at least 20 rides that can be tried one by one. There is no limit on the time to be here. If you want, you and your family can stay from morning until night. Entry tickets alone around Rp 170,000 to weekdays and Rp 270,000 for the weekend.

Holiday weekend has almost arrived, already have the right destination, yet? If not, you can visit one of the top family attractions in Bandung on top Yes! Invite your family and your children to have fun on the weekends later.

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