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5 These Attractions Like Maldives Indonesia style, gorgeous!

As a country, Indonesia is indeed famous Marine has many beaches and the beautiful Marine Park. From Sabang to Merauke, Indonesia's natural beauty expanse stretches waiting to be explored. As an archipelago country, Indonesia has lots of beautiful exotic island of nan, who was able to attract tourists to come visit.

5 These Attractions Like Maldives Indonesia style, gorgeous!

Because of the beauty of some of the sights in Indonesia is often compared with the Maldives, an island nation located in the Indian Ocean. Here's some of the sights in Indonesia that its beauty is not inferior to the Maldives:

1. Lower Island, Riau Kepulauan Anambas,

Lower island is included in the Anambas Islands Regency, Riau Islands province. There are four other islands are smaller, all around the island. The island has an area of approximately 300 hectares and has three lagoons with clear water and white sand beach with 13.

There are many exciting activities that can be done here, such as diving, snorkeling, to see the wildlife in the forest. One thing that should not be done on the island is fishing the bottom because this area is a protected marine conservation. The natural beauty of the island don't have to doubt, here you can do a full underwater photos.

2. Mr. love, Gorontalo

Because of the heart-shaped island is then given the name Pulo love, lies in the Gulf of Tomini Gorontalo Province. In Pulo love, there is a resort that now have 15 unique designed cottages surround the island. His place is in the middle of the beach, there is a wooden bridge stretching to reach there. Because it's so romantic impression is identical with this one.

To go to Mr. love, you can travel overland for a 2 hour towards Tilamuta, then proceed from there using a speedboat for 15 minutes to Pulo love.

3. the Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan

If a visit to East Kalimantan Island, this is one you should visit. Located just off the Mainland of Berau, the archipelago is composed of 31 Islands some of which Derawan, Kakaban was, Maratua, and Sangalaki. Derawan is the perfect tropical paradise.

Underwater life here also fabulous, there are 460 species of coral can be found here and it is the second largest after the Raja Ampat of West Papua. With the wealth of its bottom-it's no wonder Derawan is known as one of the best diving destinations in the world.

4. Islands Karimun Jawa, Central Java

Karimun Jawa Islands is composed of 27 of the island, but only about 5 Islands to habitable and inhabitable. Because of its shape in the form of Islands, of course the Karimun Java has the beauty of the sea views. Here you can enjoy the beauty of it by performing activities of diving or snorkeling.

To reach here is also very easy, the Karimun Jawa can be accessed via ship from the port of Jepara or port of Semarang. Or it could be a small plane ride from the airport.

5. Island Saronde, Gorontalo

Saronde island is the location of the beaches and the sea, with views of the beautiful beaches of Maldives. The beaches are so beautiful with clean white sand and its water is so crystal clear. The island is located 65 kilometres from the Centre of the city of Gorontalo, in the subdistrict of Kwandang, Gorontalo Utara.

To enjoy the beauty of the island of Saronde, you have to travel overland for 1 hour from the city of Gorontalo towards port in Kwandang. After that you still have to travel the sea for 1 hour from the port of Kwandang headed to the island of Saronde.

Well, so you do not need to wait far if just want to feel the atmosphere of a holiday as in the Maldives. You can try to visit 5 attractions above that its beauty is often compared to the Maldives. Indonesia is apparently not lost to Yes with the Maldives!

5 These Attractions Like Maldives Indonesia style, gorgeous! Thankyou for visiting this site and reading

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