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5 attractions in Indonesia was built from the Remnants of natural disasters

Indonesia is a beautiful country. However, kare na to its geographical location, our country will be prone this included natural disasters especially earthquakes. Why is this so?
Geographically, Indonesia flanked by two large world ocean namely Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. While on a geological position, the country is the world's main plate, the Indo-Australia, the Eurasian plate, and the Pacific plate. In addition, the condition of the surface area of Indonesia are very diverse causes it would be prone to disaster.

5 attractions in Indonesia was built from the Remnants of natural disasters

From a natural disaster happens, Indonesia has always risen from the slump. Even many of the tourist sites in Indonesia originating from the former location of the disaster, lho. Want to know what? Take a look here.

1. Teletubbies House, home of the Anti earthquake in Yogyakarta

Still remember with natural disasters the earthquake in Yogyakarta in 2006 years ago? An earthquake with the strength of the 5.9 leave a deep wound for the people of Indonesia due to lead thousands of people died. The earthquake also destroyed hundreds of thousands of houses and public facilities.

Dozens of houses have residents on the Hill consisting of is one that is affected by the earthquake. The institutions of the Dome For The World then provide assistance in the form of anti-earthquake home on residents who were left homeless. The shape of the House is very unique in that it is shaped like a dome style home typical of the Eskimo Tribes, Igloos. The House has only one door and two shutters and white.

A unique House form apparently attracts tourists to visit. With the help of the local tourism office, houses made more attractive with colorful adorable. This location is then called  "the House Teletubbies " and open in 2008.

Visitors can not only take pictures in the House Teletubbies, there are many facilities on offer. Call it out of bond, homestay, trekking, education about the home dome to services or traditional wagon Jeep-drawn by cows. Entry to this tour you guys only have to pay Rp 5 thousand per person.

2. The rest of the Hartaku Museum, the result of the eruption of the volcano

Still, there is a Museum called the tour the rest of the Hartaku. This museum is testament to the violence of the eruption of Mount Merapi on November 5, 2010. At that time, the volcano spewed incandescent lava appearing along with discharge of hot clouds at about 12 noon. More than 200 people died in this incident.

True to its name, the Museum of the remaining Hartaku built and managed the local community with contains the rest of the possessions of the eruption of Mount Merapi in school at the time. Not only the objects in the museum that was once the home of a family owned Arwana is also preserved bones of farm animals are destroyed by fire at the time.

The rest of the Museum Hartaku this really is still  "natural ". So, it was horribly with dirty walls and some have been destroyed. In some locations also deliberately not built the roof back to commemorate the day that Indonesia had wounds on society.

3. Tours of the monument In Lapindo Mud Sidoarjo

You guys definitely still remembers the lapindo mud natural phenomenon occurred since 2006 in Sidoarjo. The disaster has been sinking 16 villages in three subdistricts this still happens to this day although the Government keeps trying to overcome. Due to this disaster, many families lost residence.

As time goes by, the citizens of Sidoarjo apparently couldn't help continuing to mourn for it. Location of partially dried up mud that is now a tourist location that attracts the attention of visitors. Local tourists to many visiting foreign Tours for Lapindo Mud witnessed firsthand the power of God.

Lapindo Mud Tours visiting the visitors will witness the extent of the expanse of mud that has been hardened. Due to the all the buildings had lost, this location is very windy so beat the scorching sun that shines. Visitors can also see many human statues placed by bringing a wide range of household furniture, as if describing citizens who become victims. Some of the sculptures are visible only half the bodies like sink eaten mud.

4. Island Sarinah Lapindo Mud incurred due to

If you take a walk to the estuary of Porong, Sidoarjo, time right at the end of the disposal of mud, you will see an island. Apparently, the mud flow many years form the sedimentation and now produces a new island called by the name of island of Sarinah.

Originally, the island was only a land shaped Sarinah barren. Then citizens trying to name it with mangroves and other vegetation. Unexpectedly, it turns out that all those plants can grow with lush. Now the island of Sarinah often becomes the object of research students from several universities.

The location is quite far from Sarinah Island Sidoarjo. However, access to the island is not difficult. You guys just need towards Tlocor Jetty and a boat ride towards the island. Less than half an hour, you can get to the island by boat Sarinah with just less than half an hour.

5. Boat On The Roof, the rest of the memories of the Tsunami in Aceh

Aceh is one of the areas in Indonesia that are quite beautiful. However, the beauty of the country called the Mecca of the porch was destroyed because of the tsunami tragedy which occurred in 2004. At that time, Aceh was struck by earthquake measuring 9.1 on the richter scale and make the high ocean waves hit the area.

I was so fierce the tsunami then, there is a fishing boat that drifted up to snag on the roof of a house in Lampulo Gampong, Kuta Alam, Banda Aceh. The ship then made a monument and one of the tourist sites of the tsunami by the Government of the city of Banda Aceh.

Visitors can explore the House that support ships. On the tour, there is a plaque written in three languages namely Aceh, Indonesia and the United Kingdom. Above the plaque inscribed  "this ship not by tsunami waves on December 26, 2004 to get caught in this House. This ship became important evidence of how fierce the tsunami. Thanks to this ship 59 people survived in the incident. "

Thank you for visiting this site and reading 5 attractions in Indonesia was built from the Remnants of natural disasters

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