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4 Sights Indonesia Favorite Destinations So that foreign tourists

4 Sights Indonesia Favorite Destinations So that foreign tourists - A stretch of more than 17000 Islands in Indonesia become a paradise for lovers of the world. Not just in the ear of local tourists, a wealth of sights Indonesia also be discussions among world travelers and become their mandatory destinations. Want to know which are the areas that get into the list of sights Indonesia which became a favorite of foreign tourists? Find inspiration for your trip from the list below, yuk!

4 Sights Indonesia Favorite Destinations So that foreign tourists

Raja Ampat

The eastern part of Indonesia has his own way to captivate the hearts of tourists. The expanse of Green Islands became a riveting sights Indonesia which is not only interesting to visit, but also hard to forget. Yes, the Raja Ampat Islands indeed became a tourist destination in Indonesia that became a world class vacation.

Treat your eyes with the views of the cluster of small coral islands and overgrown trees on the islands located in the village of Wayag Waigeo West. After that, visit the Misool Island, one of the four largest in the Raja Ampat islands bordering the sea and waters off the Spooky and cross-line large animals such as whales. Talk about marine life, you can say hello to manta rays, beautiful animals that love to preen. As a tourist Indonesia that presents the complete package ranging from exotic views and also the culinary interest, you should not go home before enjoying the typical food in there that can arguably quite extreme. Residents in Raja Ampat may present You with dishes baked sago grubs, such as Satay or even invite you for snacking insonem (marine worms). Exciting, isn't it?


Mention Indonesia tourist attractions frequently visited by foreign tourists, Bali is a place that should be entered into your list. How does? The beauty of the island of the gods has been well-known to the corners of the world and its existence became a mandatory destinasti should be visited by foreign tourists. As an island which is smaller compared to other islands in Indonesia, Bali presents a complete tour.

Begin your journey from the mountain such as the existence of Mount Batur with kalderanya. Then, enjoy a soothing comfort Highlands lives in Ubud and give meaning to your trip with religious tourism, historical, and cultural attractions of Indonesia, Bali. Afterwards, treat your eyes with a captivating sunset in dozens of beaches in Bali are still pretty lonely travellers. Don't forget to include a culinary tour and experience the typical Balinese spa that can be soothing. No need to be concerned with the cost, a variety of pricing options on offer there. In fact, any foreign tourists often visit the sights this way Indonesia backpacking, lho!


For those of you who interest with the crashing ocean waves and beautiful, Wakatobi is the destination that can bring a fun nautical experience. You can fill in the Wakatobi vacation time with fun activities like swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and of course enjoy the beauty under the sea with diving. Indonesia tourist attractions this one consists of 141 exotic island with four main islands namely Scented fragrance, Tomia, Kaledupa, Binongko and. With the beauty of its life, Wakatobi familiarly known as by world class divers. While there, take your time to visit the National Marine Park islands of the Wakatobi Marine Park, spot has a diverse group of 25 species of coral reefs are scattered throughout the area of Wakatobi.

Although famous for its charm down, you will be presented with a rich arts and culture, for example the various dances like a tribal war dance Buton. Bajo tribe lived in the village, i.e. the housing above the sea will also be an unforgettable experience.

Located in an area far from major cities, does not mean you must visit the famous destinations of difficulties with one hundred Eyes water or Sahatu and beach Molii Wakatobi. To achieve this, various transportation modes could be your choice. If you have quite a long time, an alternative to maritime transport with fast ship from Makassar or Scented Fragrance towards Kendari. In the meantime, if the time is fairly limited, owned a number of airlines have been providing air travel with a route to Makassar or Kendari that later continued with the pioneering aircraft headed for Fragrance fragrance. Don't forget, when visiting regions like this, Wakatobi comfort in travelling remained the priority. To that end, DBS Indonesia presents priority banking services for your travel. Discover various benefits here.

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