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Travel Agent Online Degree Program – Today, there are many certification programs of travel agents. A program degree is provided to help individuals that want to know how to determine the cost of the airplane, plan a journey, tours, and decide a set of vocation. Travel agent online degree generally concerns of books and assignment list to complete by the students. They should know word and software of web-browsing.

Surprisingly, this travel agent has published certificate of travel agent. However, to get a certificate the students take an exam by the National Agent Proficiency (TAP) that made by Travel institute and the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA). This exam is done by online exactly.


travel agent online degree

Information of travel agent online 

Program of online travel agent take 6 months but it depends on the school. A student should access a computer and internet. If the students face a problem or need help of the instructors, the students can contact by phone or email. The supporting materials in this travel agent online is books and CD-ROM.

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To complete the payment is paid when you are accepted in this program. You need to pay book around $450 per each book and additional material is about $250 for workbook and testing by TAP.  If you want to book a travel agent online class, you can see a travel agency online booking.

Topics in travel agent course

This online travel agent program offers several topics such as a set of vocation, reservation system, travel, and about geography. Those topics relate to customer service and travel knowledge.  Travel agent organizer provides an independent learning, study in group, discussion, etc. generally when you take geographic areas, their destinations areas include such as Alaska, Caribbean, and Hawaii. Italy etc.

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It is a good choice when you take this program, travel agent online degree will give you guarantee in future. Based on the data of Labor Statistics of Bureau, the income of a travel agent was $35.660 in 2015. The highest or lower income is based on economy and overload of working.

Kind of certificates 

There are several kinds of certificate issued by travel institute: the first is Certificate Travel Associate (CTA), the second is Certificate Travel Counselor (CTC) and the last is Certified Travel Industry Executive (CTIE). CTA will be given for agent and one of the departments is selling oriented. CTC is made by travel management with 10 departments such as coaching and mentoring and CTIE is for travel executive with 10 departments to improve the intelligence.

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Travel Agent Online Degree advantage, the students can access the program in 24 hours per seven days. The learning will be used easier the premium membership.

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