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The Best Time to Buy Plane Tickets Online – Buying plane tickets for pleasure seems to be a basic necessity for millennials, where the best day to buy plane tickets online is sometimes quite mysterious. One of the distinctive characteristics of this generation is that they tend to use their income to buy tickets compared to owning a house, car and other branded goods. When looking for cheap plane tickets, buying plane tickets early is one way to get plane tickets at affordable prices. To increase the chances of getting cheap airline tickets, this article will explain to you some of the best time to buy plane tickets online.


Thursday for Domestic and Foreign Flight

Reporting from Hopper, it turns out the price of plane tickets soared to 3% on Friday at 3 am. This is most likely because the airline management again regulates their sales which usually starts at the beginning of the week and ends at the time before the weekend. So, do not be surprised if nearing the weekend, plane ticket prices go up quite expensive. From this research, we can avoid booking plane tickets overnight before the weekend. So, when is the best time to book plane tickets? Still from the same study, Hopper argues that the best day to buy plane tickets online is Thursday for domestic and foreign aircraft.

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Tuesday afternoon

One of the airline ticket price comparison sites, Farecompare has an opinion on the best time to buy plane tickets. From the data collected by the Farecompare travel site, it is known that the best time to buy tickets is between Tuesday morning and 03.00 am. This is because when buy plane tickets online, usually when selling tickets on the airline system is done on Monday night. So, you can take advantage of the availability of new tickets and buy them between Tuesday morning and evening. Avoid mistakes on booking plane tickets to get the lowest prices.

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Wednesday Night at 01.00 AM

Peter Greenberg, a travel editor from CBS News, suggested buying plane tickets six weeks before departure. Greenberg believes that if you buy a ticket too early from the date of departure, you will pay a higher price because there is a possibility the ticket price will go down a few weeks before the actual departure date. He advises you to be more flexible in choosing the time and date of departure so you can get cheap flight tickets. And for the best day to buy a plane tickets online, Greenberg suggests buying it on Wednesday at 1pm. Most low-cost airline tickets are available between Sunday and Monday night and people have 24 hours to buy them. At midnight on Wednesday, cheap tickets are available again in the airline system and that is the best time to buy them.

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Some of the information or opinions above are based on personal experience, some are based on data, and some are based on scientific calculations. Do you have the best day to buy plane tickets online based on personal experience? If you like this article, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends, hopefully it will be useful.

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