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Plan My Route Car In Small Village – I ever went to a small village with a very low internet signal, even the cell-phone network is mostly loss, giving you a notification like “Emergency call only” no matter what you do, looking for a signal, it will still die. You cannot call or message anyone. It’s kind of horrifying. So how can I possibly get back home if I don’t even unable to access my Google map?


Have you ever been in my situation like that? Go somewhere unknown and forgot to plan your route car before? And how you manage that? Actually that is not a big question, nonetheless, it comes to a single paradox, how come you possibly be in there? Is that your grandma house or friends house, or your mother in law house, what do you do there?

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It was a mistake that if we go to a place that we are not recognize them yet without a full preparation. After realized of the troublesome i have been made, I finally decide to asked multiple person who lived along my route. Never do the same anymore and start to plan my driving route properly.

Offline Google Maps

What you need to do before going somewhere place you have a less information about it is by saving your route plan on Google maps. So you may still able to track your route while offline. Google maps is totally a big deal.

The application now has a feature to save your track or route offline by downloading them. Do that before you start your trip and you will never get lost or if you ignore that way, you may start asking people surround there as I do, actually it spends more energy.

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What’re the Features?

Can we really plan our route car on Google maps without an internet? Sure you can. But, it is limited to what track you have been downloaded. You only be able to track your saving route. So, If you do not download it before, you will not be able to access it.

When you download the maps to be working offline, in the system it also downloads the data necessary for navigation and directions. It is included by the ability for you to pick a destination based on search and address. The GPS receiver in your smartphone only receives the radio signal not a transmitter. It receives the timing information from satellites as the time it downloaded, so later on if you use the map, it will use a pictorial map or satellite images from the previous download. That’s why you can only access the road not traffic.

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