The Best Way to Plan Your Driving Route

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The Best Way to Plan Your Driving Route – There are multiple applications to arrange your driving route plan. Nonetheless, I would prefer using google maps as my guide. When I’m going to have a trip out of town or going somewhere I don’t recognize well, I’ll open my Google maps. It is easier than when you ask people for the correct direction. You can track the traffic jams, nearby supermarket and you can also poke to mention your gas station to recharge your car. So you may prepare your perfect trip better.


Things to Prepare

When I plan my driving route, there are a couple of things I need to ensure other than only tracking my route on Google map. Duration, meals, the vehicle I use, people amount I bring with, safety equipment such as medicines and the availability of rest and service area within the route.

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Duration and Meals

Why duration? I think no one likes to spend big time on the road, it is wasting and exhausting. So, How to plan my driving route? Find the route with the best and shortest tracks to your destination. Meals, either we driving or carried, the environment exhaust your energy. It will make you feel asleep or bored, and occasionally decrease your mood. That’s why you need also to prepare your food supply when you traveling.

The Vehicle on Google Maps

The vehicle is the most important part while you are on your route driving plan. Even when you use Google Maps, the app power will don’t support an entire circumstance of your trip. There is some lack of the system, it is only defining your vehicle trip as a Car. So, it is troublesome for bikers. You should cross-check your track on 3D Google maps system or you can search on the internet regarding the road Google maps has chosen for your trip. Especially for out-of-town travelers. Toll access is what I mean to be the troublemakers.

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To plan my driving Route is quite easy but little bit tricky, Google maps will always suggest you the shortest track, and the toll is as all people have known as the fastest way to your destination. The system won’t track what vehicle do you use, if you face the toll and forbid to get through and try to find another track, system will keep bring and suggest you to the toll-access. The best way to manage this kind of weirdo thing is by choosing your track from the very beginning to your google maps before you start your trip and while you still at home, that’s why you need a survey back there.

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