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How to Buy Plane Tickets Online – The plane is currently the favorite vehicle of the day. Aside from being fast, the price of airplane tickets is also still affordable by the people of Indonesia. This article will inform you how to buy plane tickets online. Not only that, aircraft users are also greatly facilitated in buying tickets, one of which is buying plane tickets online. I’m here to give you a number of how to buy plane tickets online. Actually there are several ways you can do to buy tickets online, namely by coming directly to the official counters in your city. But if you want to try different things you can follow this method.

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Previously I will educate a little in buy plane tickets online, I will give an example of purchasing tickets at But what you should know is, a trusted online airline ticket provider is not only but there are also,,,, and many more. How to buy plane tickets online is basically almost the same. Basically, the way to order tickets is exactly the same, it’s just that the web appearance or application is different. Okay, I want to give you tips on ordering plane tickets online.

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Search for Flights

In this section you have to choose from where you want to fly and where you want to go. In addition you can also choose, want to order a round trip ticket or just one trip. There are also options for business aircraft or economy aircraft. All will be clearly seen on the application screen as well as the web site ticket sales website.

Choose the Right Plane and Price

Find the plane or airline that you want to want. However, most planes or airlines adjust to your location or place or the airport where you depart. For example for international flights specifically in the American region, there are American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, or if you are in the European region, you can get British Airways, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, to China Airways and many more. If you choose the lowest price, make sure you also take the time to reach the destination.

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Fill in the Name and Contact

In this section, you must fill in your name in accordance with your Identification Card (ID) or Biometric Residence Permit (BRP), in addition you also have to provide a valid, or correct contact information. The following name and contact data will be used to contact you regarding sending tickets to email.

Make Payment

The payment amount will appear when you have finished entering the name and contact requested. For the payment process itself there are two easy alternatives namely payment via bank, and payment via Automatic Teller Machine (ATM). For payments via banks can be done in several banks. The time is 01:30 am to 21:00 pm. And for payments via Atm can be done anytime, non-stop 24 hours.

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Receive Flight Tickets via Email

Next you have to do is wait for confirmation from the site that sells tickets. They certainly guarantee that he will email the ticket no more than 60 minutes (if there are no interruptions). At this point, booking plane tickets online is complete.

Well, that is the stage or how to buy plane tickets online that you can make a reference to no longer tired of getting to plane tickets offline, and of course if this article is useful to exist, please share it with your friends so that it can be useful to others .


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