Easy Steps of Buying Plane Tickets for Someone Else

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Easy Steps of Buying Plane Tickets for Someone ElseBuying plane tickets online for someone else, is it possible? Nowadays, traveling by plane is not something prestigious. Many airlines give great offers with discounts and promotions. Not to forget, there are also travel sites and apps that compete to give you the best services. Well, it is definitely your right to enjoy that easiness. If buying tickets for ourselves is common, how about buying them online for someone else? You should not worry since this thing is really possible. You only need to know the right steps. What are those steps?

Install the Right App


buying plane tickets online for someone else

Some apps enable you to buy a ticket for yourself. Those apps commonly don’t provide you alternative identity form to submit. Therefore, the identity you have submitted since the beginning is the only one to use the app. In other words, it is difficult for you to buy tickets for someone else with it. If it still can, you need to learn more about the app. Based on this fact; you must choose and install an app that since the beginning, it provides features for someone else to buy the tickets.

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Open the App and Fill in the Requirements as Usual

Most of the travel apps have the same methods for booking or reservations. To buy plane tickets online, you must submit the cities where you are departing and the destination. To make sure there is no error while typing them, choose an app that has provided the list of cities and countries. Then, you need to click one of them. Even if it is buying plane tickets for someone else, be careful in submitting the date and time, there should not be any mistake.

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Submit Your Friend’s Data

The app must have another submission form to submit your friend’s data. In case you buy a ticket for yourself, you may only need to click the data option you have submitted before. Meanwhile, for your friend’s, some apps require you to type them again manually. That’s okay; it will not lessen the functions of this app even for a little bit.

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Book It

After all of the processes have been done, click the button “Save” or “Book” placed at the end of the process. This way, there are two payment ways possible to do. First, it is you who pay the tickets. Second, your friend can still buy them by him or herself. Those are steps of buying plane tickets online for someone else.

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