Consortia Travel Agent Booking Hilton by the portal 

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Consortia Travel Agent Booking Hilton by the portal  – One of the most popular travel agents is Hilton travel agent. Travel agent booking Hilton can be accessed on their website or contact information, do you want to make a reservation? You can call the internet reservation desk at 1-800-774-1500 for US and Canada and for the out of those countries, call 00-1-800-774-15. It will be charged at the international calling.

It’s easy to travel agent booking Hilton because in their website all ready prepare for all the services.  For another booking you can learn about how the travel agency online booking on the internet.


travel agent booking hilton


In travel agent Hilton was completed with commission program that design to know the tracking commission. Nowadays, there are 99% hotels cooperate with Hilton company. Hilton uses TACS services to disbursement of funds. This technology processing is unmatched in this industry. For the commission payment will be processed in a week. The asking for commission submitted in 12 months before the departure time. If you want to know more about commission, you can contact by email or call 1-800-873-1215.

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Features program

Commission you get will pay by your own currency.  If you want to payment data, you can access by online with 3% processing fee. It will support all the program features and allow Hilton to make a best services.  You can get the customer support for free commission. Commission can pay directly with deposit.

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In feature program, you can get the commission detail report and never got hard because all process will be online access such as transaction, register and payment. The reference of commissions, there are three quick reference agents UK, Americas, and Non-US.

Step-by-step for Consortia agent booking by using the portal

First step: you choose the hotel, after you had chosen the hotel check the box beside travel agent word. Make sure to click based on the instruction in display screen. Click have a special code?The second step is you have to enter corporate account code in form, this is to help you update result. If you do not have code yet, contact your consortia account to get information or you can call the travel agent help desk in or 1-800-626-6700.

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Hilton is also travel agent training. You can access in website Hilton travel agents. The most popular features is global hotsheet, it is about the development of Hilton company such as hotel opening, destination, special offer, etc. those are the issues to know when you decide to choose travel agent booking Hilton.

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