4 Steps to Buy Ticket Air Asia Online

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4 Steps to Buy Ticket Air Asia Online – What are the steps to buy ticket Air Asia online? if you have no experience in buying plane tickets online, you may start it from now. Well, there are possibilities if in the future, you need to go to other places or even abroad using a plane. Meanwhile, in case you want to book Air Asia, the steps are also quite easy anyway. Prepare your PC or Smartphone along with good internet connections. Then, the process can be done only in a few minutes.



Enter the Air Asia Web

The first step to buy ticket Air Asia online is by entering the airline’s official website. It is at Airasia.com. Make sure you are entering the right official website of the airline. The website is dominated by the color of red and white. Aside from the web, you must have an email also. It is very good if the email has been commonly opened and used. There are many promotions from Air Asia that you should not miss out anyway.

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Register or Create an Account

Next, click the button “Register” to get an Air Asia account. Why must you create an account? It is to ease the process of reservation. After clicking the button, there is a form that appears. Submit your data into the form available. To buy plane tickets online, your data must be the same as the data on the identity card or passport. The valid data are needed during the check-in process at the airport. Meanwhile, the email account must also be valid to receive notifications from Air Asia.

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Determining the Date and Time

After the registration process has been successful, the next step is determining the date and time of the ticket reservation. Still on the AirAsia official website, there is a big column in black with some bars. It is the place where you can submit those data. After all the bars have been filled, click “Search”.

Determining Aircraft Baggage and Payment Method

The previous click brings you to the options of the aircraft baggage. How to choose it depends on how much stuff you want to bring during the trip. It is followed by the payment process. You can directly pay it by connecting it with your bank account. The details will be sent back via email and you may save the code. Based on the steps above, to buy ticket Air Asia online is very easy, isn’t it?

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