4 Best Apps to Buy Plane Tickets Online Canada

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4 Best Apps to Buy Plane Tickets Online Canada – To buy plane tickets online Canada, what are the best apps or travel sites to use? It is so easy nowadays to conduct a trip. Even all the accommodation reservations can be done through your Smartphone. It is not an exception if you are living in Canada and want to go somewhere to spend your holiday. There are some apps or travel sites you can utilize only by installing them on your Smartphone. Many of those apps are even famous for their good services worldwide. What are they?




Booking.com is one of the most popular travel sites to buy plane tickets online and others. Sure, many Canadians also love to use it. It offers many features that ease you to reserve the tickets. Finding the cheapest price with great services is also possible here. Some features available are filters to get the best offers, maps, and more. It can be installed for free and various promotions are waiting.

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Google Flight

The next app for plane ticket reservation is from Google. It is namely Google Flight. Of course, you can just install and get all the offers easily once you have a Google account. There is a list of ticket prices starting from the cheapest to the most expensive one in the world. Google Flight also provides you a feature that eases you to compare the prices if you buy plane tickets online. You don’t need to open and close the app too many times.

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Hitlist offers you various options for tickets. The descriptions are also clear enough whether you prefer the cheap one with limited offers or the more expensive ticket with greater services. This app even suggests you the best time to travel to your destination. Many types of filters are available there to ease you more in looking for the destination. Of course, comparing tickets for multiple airlines is very fast and easy here.


For Canadians and Americans, this travel site and app must be familiar enough. Yes, Hipmunk is almost always included in the list of the best travel sites in recent years. Therefore, quality and credibility should not be questioned anymore. Hipmunk is basically a one-stop shop app. Therefore, not only for booking tickets, you can also buy tickets for hotels and accommodations more easily. Compare the prices and only in a few seconds, you will know which the best one. Then, you can just buy plane tickets online Canada there.

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